Folding Rack 5 Sortimo FR5

Folding Rack 5

Sortimo FR5 – The flexible folding rack for vans

FR5 – Specially designed for courier, express delivery and parcel services – offers maximum flexibility with maximum use of loading space.


The flexible folding rack for vans offers unique advantages

The Sortimo FR5 is a space saver that has been specially developed for the CEP industry. The shelves are adjustable in three dimensions and can therefore be customised to the size of the load. The narrow aluminium side profiles adapt perfectly to the vehicle’s silhouette, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and ergonomics even when the shelves are fully loaded. This not only increases the motivation of delivery personnel, but also significantly increases productivity.


Sortimo FR5 can be individually configured according to personal needs and also adapts to the installation requirements.

Maximum organisation

Shelves with border can be labelled using mySortimo labels.

Maximum safety

for driver and load thanks to ProSafe integration.

Ease of handling

The shelves can be folded up or down with one hand.

Protected cargo

The GripMaxx shelf with integrated anti-slip edge avoids crushing the bottom of parcels.

Maximum flexibility

thanks to folding shelves.


The ProPartition with door means the loading space can be entered from the driver’s cab.

Stable and resilient

Suitable for heavy loads up to 100 kg

Maximum flexibility and ease-of-use

FR5 adapts to the load thanks to its folding shelves. It can be operated with just one hand and clicks into place automatically so that the shelves can be folded up and down even in stressful situations.


Optimum utilisation of loading space thanks to custom design

The custom design of FR5 for your vehicle makes an ideal installation situation possible. The lateral aluminium profiles are designed in such a way that they adapt to different vehicle silhouettes and take up as little space as possible.


BOXXes integration for more tidiness

By integrating SR-BOXXes, FR5 can be extended further into a van racking system. The SR-BOXXes can be locked to the shelves hanging or standing on them using plastic slides.



Sortimo FR5 can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the load at any time – with just one hand. The ProSafe load securing system also contributes to quick and easy lashing of loads.

Sortimo FR5 – The flexible folding rack for vans


FR5 Components

See an overview of the individual components of FR5 and discover the highlights of the product line.



Designed and further developed for the CEP industry. FR5 offers significantly more advantages than a simple folding rack.



For those who do not own the largest vehicle, but have to load bulky goods from time to time.



Do you want to use the company vehicle privately? No problem – keep your flexible folding rack with FR5!

Sortimo FR5 components



There are four different types of shelves. Three variants differ at the edge (with high edge; with low edge; with no edge). A fourth version is the GripMaxx shelf, which includes a special aluminium profile with integrated anti-slip edge. This enables packages to be removed quickly and transported safely at the same time.


Safety belts

The shelf can be folded down with a single movement and is held in the desired end position by two lateral safety belts. The angle of inclination of the shelf is individually adjusted by positioning the safety belt in the grid holes in the side or intermediate profile.


Side/intermediate profile

The side edges of each FR5 rack are formed by the robust aluminium side and intermediate profiles. These can be mounted at an angle so that they run as close as possible to the vehicle silhouette, thereby saving space.


Aluminium stop bar

The aluminium stop bar is the ideal complement to the robust Sortimo vehicle floor. Firstly, the strip serves as a stop for transported goods directly on the vehicle floor, and secondly, the functional end caps prevent damage to the load.


mySortimo labels

The mySortimo labels labelling system is a must for all lovers of organisation. Shelves and BOXXes can be quickly labelled using the clips with self-adhesive labelling. The benefit: Materials and transported goods can be found at a glance. The carrier clips can also be rearranged at any time so that BOXXes and shelves can be reorganised in no time at all.


ProSafe Load Securing

Thanks to the ProSafe load securing system, transported goods can be secured quickly and easily.



Shelves are based on Sortimo’s standard dimensions, so that another practical organisation aid can be integrated into the open shelf with border: the E-BOXX. This is available in different heights, widths and depths and offers, for example, an ideal storage option for load-securing accessories. The E-BOXX can optionally be fitted with a lid.

The folding rack for maximum safety


Aluminium Stop Bars

Are and ideal limiter for cargo on the vehicle floor.


Traverse Frames

Offer lashing options across the entire width of the shell and provide additional stability


Single Lashing Points

Can be individually positioned on the side or intermediate profiles.


Lashing Rails

For additional load securing options on the ProPartition.


Restraint Poles

For Form-fit securing of large or bulky cargo.

FR5 – developed for the CEP industry

The flexible folding rack for vans is particularly suitable for varying load and delivery volumes thanks to its folding shelves. The shelves can hold up to 100 kg.

A typical working day often brings unforeseeable challenges. Are the goods to be transported bulkier than expected? Does height pose a problem? Challenges that can be overcome with the various shelf settings:

  • folding and extending
  • adjustable depth to fit the vehicle wall
  • adjustable angle of inclination

By adjusting the angle of inclination and the GripMaxx shelf with an anti-slip profile, the load is protected from slipping and is therefore transported safely.

Professional load securing with Sortimo ProSafe elements is equally simple. If these are added, the willingness to actually secure loads increases. Fleet managers have fulfilled their responsibilities and profitability is improved.

ProPartition with sliding door: Time savings thanks to short, safe distances in the vehicle

The ProPartition was developed especially for the requirements of the CEP industry. The stable ProPartition with sliding door and 1.80 m passage height allows the driver direct access to the cargo area from the driver’s cab. This avoids dangers because, firstly, the flat door sill and edge protection prevent tripping and bruising and, secondly, the driver does not have to leave his cab on the side of the road but can get to the load through the interior.

In addition, it is still possible for a second person to ride in the van and the original lashing points in the load compartment are retained.

The ProPartition is certified according to DIN ISO 27956 and ECE-R 14/16/17.


FR5 – developed for the CEP industry

The folding rack for vans can be customised to the situation, load and requirements.


Sortimo FR5 is ideal for bulky goods because the unique integration of the SR5 BOXX system means that even small parts can be transported in an orderly manner. Various sizes of SR-BOXXes can be locked in place on plastic slides both underneath and on the rack. If not needed, they are easy to remove and all shelves are freely available again. FR5 is much more than just a common folding rack for vans; it is a real alternative for craftsmen and service technicians who do not want a static installation.

If you are particularly fond of orderliness and want to give your employees a systematic overview of the vehicle, especially with changing drivers, the BOXXes and racks should also be labelled with mySortimo labels.

Further benefits:

  • All shelves from the SR5 portfolio can also be configured for FR5
  • Individual partitioning of the shelves using dividers
  • Matching tool mats to protect racking and contents

FR5 easily and economically turns into a van racking system with a clearly higher degree of organisation.

Combining FR5 with SR5 will open up all options for use of the loading space.

FR5 offers craftsmen and service technicians, especially in combination with SR5, the great advantage of a fully-equipped mobile workshop, but also scores points with those who want to fully use all of the vehicle’s loading space in addition to transporting larger items.

Thanks to the simple folding function, the shelves of the racking system can quickly and easily be folded up if necessary, so that there is sufficient space to transport leisure items such as motorcycles or bicycles.

The folding rack for vans therefore offers a high degree of flexibility while at the same time maximising use of the loading space. This means that there are no more limits after work either.