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Jumbo Drawer

Jumbo Unit

The Jumbo-Unit is a compact XL drawer, which is ideal for rapid and secure stowage of heavy equipment and bulky materials as a subfloor solution.



The Sortimo XL drawer as a double floor solution!

With the practical double floor or subfloor solution, every last corner of the loading space can be used to its fullest extent. The Sortimo XL drawer ensures ahigh load capacity and allow ergonomic loading and unloading of large or long and heavy goods via the rear or side door. The large subfloor drawers are covered with a Sortimo floor so that they can be flexibly combined with van rackingWorkMos and load securing concepts – for maximum loading space utilisation. Using this compact option we can create concepts that enable downsizing of the vehicle and save money in vehicle procurement.

Maximum use of the cargo space

Ergonomics. Order. Clarity.

Maximum storage space

for large & heavy loads


ideal access to materials when pulled out

Cargo space utilisation

Stowage and access to every last corner can lead to vehicle downsizing.

Surface load

up to 100 kg

Robust handling

thanks to extremely strong telescopic slides and large drawer front


Despite the large storage space, thanks to flexible organisation options in the form of accessories such as dividers.

Heavy and bulky equipment is often difficult to store. Sharp-edged items fixed in place using tensioning belts are not entirely secure. In extreme driving situations, such as in case of sudden braking or even accidents, the belts may tear, making the cargo cause considerable damage – and not just to the vehicle. The solution: the Sortimo Jumbo-Unit. The Jumbo-Unit, able to be used as a double floor / subfloor solution, impresses first and foremost through its easy operation and large volume. The safety aspect is ensured, of course, through sturdy construction. Used as a subfloor drawer, it can be covered with a Sortimo mounting and load securing floor. This ensures that, despite the use of the Jumbo-Unit, further van racking systems can easily be used in the storage space. These are mounted to the floor above the Jumbo-Unit for maximum stability.

The enormous capacity of the underfloor drawer enables you to transport very heavy and bulky goods safely. At the same time, you also have the option of using dividers to partition them. It is therefore possible to limit the load to a minimum – thus minimising the risk of damage to the vehicle or physical injury. The large handle and the highly resilient telescopic slides can be used to ensure ergonomic loading and unloading. The loading process can be carried out both via the side door and via the rear door.

The clear advantage of the subfloor drawers is that they can be loaded up to the last corner. The optimum utilisation of loading space is a key topic, even when downsizing vehicles. This means that through maximum utilisation of the available storage space, more can be transported. With this approach, even a small transporter, equipped with subfloor drawers and a van racking system from Sortimo, can take on a bigger load than a larger transporter without these components. At the same time, the solutions from Sortimo enable a maximum degree of clarity and transparency regarding the goods being transported.

The Jumbo-Unit XL Drawer not only protects the loading space of your vehicle. Heavy cargo can unleash enormous forces once it starts slipping. With the Jumbo-Unit, such tools and supplies can be stored quickly, easily and securely. The risk of slipping and thus associated risks for road safety are virtually eliminated. For one thing, this ensures that you do not need to worry about your load even in dangerous situations on the road, and, for another thing, that the vehicle interior is not damaged. This results in better value retention of your vehicle.