Plywood Van Shelving

Plywood Van Shelving

Plywood Van Shelving

The Sortimo TopSystem provides additional storage space on the roof of your vehicle, safely and securely transports bulky and long objects and saves time, thanks to its ease of handling.


TopSystem – The flexible roof rack system

Thanks to the minimal net weight of the lightweight roof rack, it permits a maximum payload to be carried and, due to its high-quality workmanship and corrosion-resistant materials, it also has a very long service life – which pays for itself.

TopSystem – Flexible. Intuitive. Efficient.

Take advantage of the many benefits of the Sortimo TopSystem roof rack.

  • Reduced journeys – The roof of your vehicle is used as additional loading space, enabling you to carry an even higher loading volume – ideal for long and bulky loads.
  • Time savings – Ease of handling and the integrated ProSafe load securing system save valuable time.
  • Professional load securing. Thanks to the optionally integrated ProSafe lashing system for simple and fast load securing.
  • High payload. You carry more of the load on the roof of your vehicle, thanks to its lightweight construction.
  • Forward-looking investment. The TopSystem can also be used on your next vehicle – its corrosion-resistant material and excellent quality make this possible.
  • Flexibility. The modular design of the TopSystem means that you can add practical accessories to it at any time.
  • Aerodynamic. The innovative design prevents irritating wind noise, at the same time optimising fuel consumption.
  • Safety. The TopSystem is TÜV-certified and crash-tested.

TopSystem ProSafe

The TopSystem ProSafe has ProSafe fastening options in the cross members. ProSafe lashing straps can be used to quite simply transport bulky goods safety and securely to the workplace fixed on the roof of the vehicle. ProSafe represents Sortimo’s integrated load securing system, which can be used in and also on the vehicle. Tip: The lashing straps from the load area can equally be used on the roof of the vehicle.